Are bull terriers dangerous?

Are bull terriers dangerous? And is a bull terrier a good family dog?

It is usually a tough one to decide if Bull terrier is the best for you, especially when you hear people talk a lot about it. Maybe it’s a misconception to think bull terrier is dangerous. The curiosity is written all over you.

We will be providing answers to clear your doubt about the bull terrier.

After many years of research about Bull terriers, it became clear that bull terriers are not dangerous naturally. Although several personality traits could make the bull terrier aggressive, it is one of the affectionate dog breeds anyone can possess. Now, let delve into the discussion to shed more light on your curiosity.


The personality of a Bull Terrier

The bull terrier is muscularly built with a tough look like that of an aggressive breed. However, its appearance isn’t telling the truth about their personality. Truly, it would be difficult for an attacker to conquer the bull terrier. This is because the combination of its mass muscle and its relatively low center of gravity makes it a strong dog for protection.

The unique head and look of the bull terrier show how determined it can be and the jaw strength built for the exploitation of cruel activities over time. Every component of the bull terrier displays fierceness from the head to its body shape. But as tough as it may seem, bull terrier is a comical and emphatic dog breed.

Bull terrier will offer its owner affection like any other friendly dog breed, which shows it is extremely kind-hearted. Apart from being sweet-natured, bull terriers are loyal to their owners and would protect them to any extent. You don’t have to be afraid of its sharp-shaped head and small focused eyes looking like it’s dangerous.

However, you should understand that a bull terrier tends to be aggressive if it lacks training, such as socialization training. Even though it has an admirable nature, it still requires training to get along with people and family. Therefore, if you are just planning to get one, ensure you engage it in socialization training.


Causes of Aggressiveness in Bull Terrier

Bull terriers are full of energy and very intelligent. You will be amazed at things they are capable of doing without training. But, they have a short-coming which is one of the causes of aggression in them – possessive. So if it sees a stranger around its owner, it may start barking.

To get a detailed understanding of what causes aggression in the bull terrier, we will be highlighting every bit of it below.

  • Seeing a Strange Dog of Different BreedIn terms of associating with other dogs, a bull terrier not usually fine with it. It may lead to uncontrollable barking until the other dog leaves its presence.


Bull terrier is possessive in nature and doesn’t like to share its territory with other dogs. This is pointing out why socialization training is very important.  You can train your terrier to welcome the presence of others without being violent.


  • Fear of Oppression or Strange Things –Just like humans, bull terriers get scared when oppressed. So it is normal for it to be afraid of unfamiliar things. Things like that would force the terrier to show aggression by barking to defend itself.


Luckily, there are ways to curb aggression in your terrier, particularly, socialization training. Generally, bull terrier is not bred to display aggression towards people


  • Lack of Proper Exposure to People and Other Animals –You cannot underestimate the impact of socialization in shaping the behavior of dog breeds. In fact, it is a major determinant of aggression in dogs.


Your bull terrier may find it difficult to live together with others if it is non-socialized. Hence, it gives rise to aggression issues, which could cause it to bark because it’s not used to the situation.

  • Bull Terrier is a Dauntless Breed –In case you are not aware, a bull terrier is a hunting dog. It shows courage whenever it faces some challenges. It doesn’t sound like a sign of aggression; it only shows that the bull terrier doesn’t give up on situations easily.

This breed will face its fears when the situation arises regardless of how scary it may seem, thereby leading to aggression.


Preventing Your Bull Terrier from being Aggressive

Now that you are familiar with the causes of aggression in the bull terrier, it becomes your responsibility to prevent this from happening. How can you do this? It is quite simple! Doing what is right from the moment you take it away from the breeder’s environment.

We have some hints for you. They are proven methods that showed positive results on many bull terriers in the past. You might want to try it too.

  • Begin Socialization Training as soon as Possible

Early training means a lot in terms of preventing your bull terrier from aggression. Don’t make the mistake of leaving it until it starts acting stubborn. While you can still stop the problem, it may be difficult because it has grown old.

Instant training will expose your bull terrier to social activities right from when it is still a puppy. Frequent encounter with people and other pets makes it feel secured and relaxed and it becomes part of your bull terrier till adulthood.

Allow your bull terrier to familiarize yourself with your family until it becomes used to them. It will help in eradicating aggression traits gradually. This is an ideal way to make a bull terrier to behavior properly.


  • Get your Bull Terrier Accustomed with your Family

While this may sound like something normal, it is highly effective to curb aggression in a bull terrier. This breed is very intelligent and comprehends very fast. It will become more affectionate by spending time with your family. It may become increasingly possessive, but you can train it to see you and your family as the ones in charge.

Ensure it follows directives but never do it harshly, as it might counter your command to become stubborn. The discipline you teach your bull terrier is significant to its gentility.


  • Train your Bull Terrier to be Affectionate

You can make your Bull terrier whatever you want it to be. You shouldn’t be aggressive if you want your puppy to be loving and caring. It would be cool if you make your bull terrier understands what it means to bond with people. It is through your daily interaction with your canine friend.



We have been able to establish that bull terrier is not a dangerous dog breed. However, it requires socialization training to eradicate an aggressive trait in your bull terrier. It is one of the affectionate breeds that makes a great addition to any family. Be ready to spend more time with your bull terrier because it likes to bond with its owner. Give whatever it takes to train your bull terrier, particularly to socialize.





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