Are Bull Terriers Easy To Train?

Are Bull Terriers Easy To Train?

A Bull Terrier is an affectionate, friendly, and agile dog. They are known to be caring and lively. Bull Terriers consider themselves to be a member of their owner’s family. They like to be part of the daily activities of who they are with. They get bored being alone if doing nothing.

 If you are considering getting a Bull Terrier,you should be ready to take in a new best friend because this dog is very curious and fun to with and be ready to be more active than before because Bull terriers are energetic dogs, they require plenty of exercise and playtime.

Importance of Training a Bull Terrier

Like any other dog, a Bull terrier is best trained earlier as a puppy; by doing this, it will grow up to become an approachable, gentle and happy dog. Training a dog is not as hard as it may seem, and likewise,it’s not very easy without proper research of the best training method to adopt.

A Bull Terrier can be destructive and aggressive as an adult dog if not properly trained while it was young. Training a Bull Terrier is not a simple task because it can be a handful at times. This is because their breeds do not always respond as well as other breeds. Thus, they require a lot of patience at the beginning.

The easiest time to train a dog is around six to eight weeks after birth. It would be best if you considered introducing it slowly to people, animals, and objects in your environment at a time. This is to teach it how to behave friendly and calmly when exposed to them in the future.

It is important to choose the right technique when training a Bull Terrier. A kind of training which is popular these days is the treats and reward method. This is just like an employee who gets a bonus from his employer for his dedication to work.

Whenever the dog obeys its owner and does as it was ordered, it will get a reward. This makes the dog more motivated to work harder in its training.

There are certain factors to be considered before selecting the method of training to adopt for a Bull Terrier such as:


Before your dog learns to socialize, it may react aggressively towards outsiders, other animals, or objects it is not used to. This is why it is important to begin a Bull Terrier socialization training as soon as it is adopted to avoid any form of hostility and destruction.

This reduces its fear and aggressive personality whenever exposed to strangers, other animals, or objects.


At the early age of adoption,you must train it to be respectful towards its owner. This can be achieved by ensuring that it is properly trained to understand some commands and obeys them.

When a dog is respectful, it will be obedient, and it will exhibit proper behavior.

Types of Training Methods for Bull Terrier

There are different methods of training a Bull Terrier. Some of them are listed below:

Positive Reinforcements

Positive reinforcement is a popular training method for Bull Terrier; this is a reward and praise method. While using this method, you should keep the reward close; this can be its favorite treat.

 If you are training it to behave and respond to certain actionsas soon as it does that particular thing, you should reward it. This will be a motivation for the dog to respond more to training and get more praises.

 For instance, when your Bull Terrier is left alone and you upon return you met everywhere tidy just the way you left it, you should praise it and give it a treat, this is your way of telling your Bull Terrier that you are impressed with its behavior.

The secret of positive reinforcement is always making your Bull Terrier feel loved, using praises and loving sounds, and never punish it when it is not yet responding to training.

Obedience Training

As a dog owner, it is important that your dog learns to obey and respects you. This can be achieved by obedience training. Your dog needs to learn some terms and follow them whenever you command it to do so.

 Some of the popular commands your dog should learn include; “sit,” “here,” “come,” or “heel.” Once the dog masters the meaning of these words, it should obey them whenever you say them.To achieve this, command your dog to “sit” or “come” while making the body language gesture to come or sit at the same time.

For instance, while training your dog to sit, gently press down its lower back in a harmless manner that makes it sit. Repeat it until the dog learns to do it after giving the order.

Remember to reward and praise your dog every time it obeys your command correctly. The training period should be brief and short in order not to bore your Bull Terrier.

Clicker Training

A Bull Terrier loves to be active at all times. It loves to engage in varieties of activities. No play is too vigorous for a Bull Terrier; it loves to get attention from its owner by jumping, twisting, etc., to have people play with it. The clicker method is like a sound that sends a message to the dog that you will be happy and impressed if it does what you are ordering it to do. This method becomes more responsive by rewarding the dog afterward.



Training a Bull Terrier requires a lot of patience and consistency, do not yell, shout or at any point punish the dog. Understand that dogs can be clingy and are attention seekers; understand it when trying to pass a message across.

Training should be picked up from simple and gradually to complex. Bull Terriers are active dogs; ensure you engage them in activities and exercises. This way, you can be sure you have a happy and healthy dog.



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