How much is a bull terrier?

How much is a bull terrier?

It has been running through your mind that you should get your bull terrier. But you don’t know what to expect in terms of pricing. Bull terrier is much different from other dog breeds. Price determination depends on the information you possess about the bull terrier.

Nevertheless, you can get price ideas from reputable breeders, usually based on the differences between the bull terriers. Before we discuss the pricing, it is important you get familiar with the bull terrier.

If you are planning to get one soon, this article is for you. Keeping reading to learn facts about bull terrier.

The Bull Terrier History and Nature

Learning about the history of dog breeds gives you a hint regarding what to expect when you want to get one. England is the origin of the bull terrier through the cross-breeding of the bulldog and old English terrier. It was later crossbred with other dog species, including Dalmatian that produced the white cavaliers.

The white cavaliers became a favorite breed among the upper class and it later partook in blood sports such as dogfighting. The bull terrier power originated from the doggedness and gripping power of the bulldog and the eagerness and dexterity of the terrier.

There is much differencebetweenthe bull terrier of the 19th century and that which are in existence today. It has become a gentle and affectionate bog breed, but it remains brave and strong as ever. You can imagine how strong it is from the appearance given its muscular structure.

Bull Terrier has a long body and looks firm on its stand showing that it’s not a walkover for any opponent. A very assertive dog breed with creativity that sees things from a different perspective. Bull terrier requires regular exercise it keeps it fit. Although bull terriers are not aggressive naturally, you must be mindful of how you play around it.

The adult of this mid-size breed averagely weighs between 55 – 65 lbs and its height can go to an extent of 22 inches.

The Price of Bull Terrier

By now, you should have an idea about the nature of the bull terrier. It’s time to gain insight into the pricing of this amazing dog breed.

Depending on the breeder, you can acquire a bull terrier for an average price between $1000 and $3500. There are many things considered by these breeders, including restrictions placed on breeding. Nurturing a bull terrier comes at a cost because this breed has its special needs.

You might be wondering what makes the price of a bull terrier so high. We have answers to your curiosity. The high price of bull terrier could be a result of any of the following;

  • Rare Dog BreedBull terrier is not a common dog that is available in abundance. It is a scarce breed that originated from England. This implies that they are location-specific and can be challenging to find around you. Therefore, to get one, you may have to visit several shelters or breeders.
  • Restriction on OwnershipSome regulations guide owning and breeding bull terriers. This is a significant reason why it’s is not your regular dog breed. Also, it plays a part in the price, which makes it very expensive. Bull terriers are perceived to be dangerous and should not be out in public to avoid hurting people (Misconception). The challenges faced in breeding it shoot up the price of the bull terrier.
  • Unique Appearance –With their sharp and down running head structure, bull terrier possesses a look different from other breeds. It doesn’t share its look with other dogs, which makes it admirable by its lovers. So if you really want to own a bull terrier, you must be prepared to pay the price for its uniqueness.

Caring for the Special Needs of Bull Terriers

It’s not as difficult to take care of a bull terrier as you may have perceived. It only requires that you get familiar with its special needs to enable you to care for it properly.You need to take note of the following to keep your bull terrier healthy.

  • Daily Exercise

Bull terriers possess excessive energy that needs burning out through exercise. If you don’t take the step to drain this energy, your puppy may develop behavioral issues. This is a factor that every bull terrier’s owner should not neglect. In fact, the exercising routine must be consistent.

Taking your bull terrier for an hour or two training daily would be enough. Engage your terrier in fun games such as power run, flirt pole, and Frisbee within your surroundings. Alternatively, it could be training, such as agility training, Dog Park, and swimming.

  • High-Quality Dog Food

This is another aspect of the special care of a bull terrier that requires attention. The diet plays an important role in the wellbeing of the bull terrier. Given that they are energetic breeds, you must provide them with high-quality diets that meet their body needs.

Sometimes, bull terriers are selective when it comes to meals. Therefore, you need to study your canine friend to understand its likes and dislikes.Also, be mindful of how you change its food.

  • Include Multivitamins in the Diet

Skin allergies are a common health problem for the bull terrier. To keep your puppy healthy, supplement its diet with multivitamins. The micronutrient helps it to fight diseases and health issues. It is not anyone owners wish to spend money to treat their dog. So multivitamin reduces the chances of your bull terrier getting sick.

A high-quality diet is not complete without food supplements for the wellbeing of your bull terrier.

  • High Intelligence Puzzles and Games

Bull terriers are brave, but they need engagement with IQ games and puzzles to maintain their braveness. It helps them to become better mentally and gives them the ability to apply their intelligence around you.

Games like this improve the relationship between you and your bull terrier. Also, don’t forget training is important. However, to achieve the best result in training, make your bull terrier expend all its energy.


There are many determinants of the price of a bull terrier, particularly its unique look and the heavy regulations. However, you can never regret getting one irrespective of the price. It makes a good family pet with a lot of affection to offer. An important thing you need to know is, you need to train your bull terrier to avoid frustrations.


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