Why are bull terriers so weird?

Why are bull terriers so weird?

You don’t have to think twice before recognizing a bull terrier. Thanks to the egg-shaped head and its triangular eyes. This has got many people talking about the personality of this dog breed. Some people judge the bull terrier based on its facial look, believing it is a weird dog.

Indeed, a bull terrier does amazing things that you may never see in other dog breeds. As a result, many people gave it a different name tag such as a toddler in a dog suit, and this is a perfect fit for its nature. Below is the compilation of the strange things you need to know about the bull terrier.

  • Grass Eating

Some bull terriers are fond of eating grass. It makes you start wondering if it has a goat or sheep as one of its ancestors. However, researches have it that some dogs eat grass to relieve stomach upset, which usually results in vomiting.

Sickness could be another reason why your bull terrier may eat grass, but this is not usually the case. Although eating grass doesn’t harm dogs, it could lead to intestinal parasites that can be seen easily in their stool.

  • Super Stubborn

Naturally, a bull terrier is stubborn. Its stubbornness is incomparable to any other breed because if it makes up its mind on something, you can hardly change it. The reason for this behaviour in bull terrier is not far-fetched – bred for the bloody sport of bull-baiting.

Since it was used in cruel sporting activities, it grew to become smarter and more stubborn.Your bull terrier can prove stubborn once it decides to follow his mind. This shows why it is important to engage your bull terrier in obedience training.Early socialization is also important for a bull terrier.

  • Funny Faces

If you are familiar with a bull terrier, you will recognize it at first sight. Also, if you are meeting it for the first time, its face will trigger your curiosity to ask questions. The expression on their face is unique, which speaks for their amazing personality. You can’t help but admire this sweet-tempered dog breed.

If you have an active family, a bull terrier will make a good addition to your household. It is energetic and would do whatever you do because it doesn’t like to be alone.

  • Can be Aggressive during Play

Bull terrier is fun to be with but you have to be watchful when playing with them. It reacts to your actions, which may lead it to bite sometimes. This is because bull terrier likes to use their mouth a lot, including grabbing people. Sometimes, it may get carried away that it becomes bloody.

This isn’t common to other dog breeds. However, you can train your bull terrier not to bite to avoid causing injury to people or destroying things. Clicker training is ideal to control this behavior in a bull terrier. But, your creativity matters if you want to achieve desirable results.

  • Hucklebutting

Hucklebutting is one weird activity that a bull terrier engages in regularly. It can go about spinning continuously for up to an hour. After excessive hucklebutting, it gets tired and doses off almost immediately.Bull terrier either does hucklebutting on a bed or plain floor.

A Bull terrier can chase its tail until it catches it.Then it begins to chew it. One weird thing about this activity is nothing can distract it from doing it, even if you give it chewing toys to play with. However, if you participate in the activity with your canine friend, you may get an effective result.

  • Talking to Themselves

No one could ever imagine seeing dog talk to themselves, but this is what bull terriers can do among themselves. Although their discussion is like any regular one hold by humans, they communicate by mumbling. This is different from barking sort of communication.

You may want to find out about this. Feed your curiosity by searching online for talking bull terriers. You will be amazed by the results you will be getting.

  • Trancing

One unique trait of a bull terrier is weed walking also known as trancing. However, it is not all bull terrier that does this. If you are a true dog lover, you would love to see the bull terrier trance. The act of trancing has not been scientifically proven by anyone, but there wasa suggestion it might be related to neurology.

It is a mysterious condition that no one can predict, though it is harmless. Bull terriers walk in slow motion, especially when walking in a bushy part.

  • Clowns of the Dog World

Many people feel intimidated by the bull terrier appearance. In an actual sense, they fun to be with because they are one of the gentle breeds you would ever come across. Some bull terriers have issues hearing what people say. Despite its inability to hear, the bull terrier has a weird ability to detect the presence of the ship at arrival.

Why Bull Terriers are Weird?

This breed came into existence through the cross-breeding of bulldogs and terriers. There were many attempts of breeding that didn’t produce a unique look, but James Hinks was the first English man to generate a different dog appearance completely.It combines the characteristics of the bulldog and the white terrier to become what it is today.

However, it is worth mentioning that every unique characteristic of the bull terrier isn’t limited to the bulldog and the while terrier only. Dalmatian blood was part of the strain that got the bull terrier its bizarre feature. So if you are wondering how the bull terrier came by its uniqueness, it was through a series of cross-breeding and inclusion of blood of different breed, including the Stafford that made it possible.

The bull terrier is a versatile breed, given that it serves many purposes, including hunting, sporting activities, and home pet. Although its down face muzzle makes it looks like a very mean dog, it’s one of the dog breeds with the best personality for a family dog.


Highlighting the unique traits of the bull terrier gives you a comprehensive idea of what to expect when you get one. However, it doesn’t mean the bull terrier is a bad pet. They are affectionate and would imitate what you do. Are you planning to get a bull terrier? Go ahead to bring in a new member to your family!








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